Handmade Panties's page starts with who love fashion and D.I.Y underwear.


We have been a consumer before. We have bought and tried a variety of fabric types and styles of underwear in the market. Until then we know what kind of fabric and styles are good and comfortable.

So we started selling my underwear on online market place such Ebay,Etsy and Amazon website.

We have more than ten years of sales experience in this field.We have many and various type of customer.

Our clients are both men and women. Originally, we were interested in the underwear of women.

But we also know that men have the desire to wear good quality and comfortable underwear as well.

They mostly from America and Europe.

We know the needs of our customers such as Fabric type,lacy,style,size,decoration and color.
So we always choose good quality of fabric type and we saws underwear and lingerie meticulously.
We have designed the decoration of products by lacy,ribbon,zipper and other accessories.

We are glad and proud of our customer happy with our products because you are an importance part of our business success.