Blue Color Lingeries

Did you know! Underwear colors can influence your mood. Response Color Analyst Anjel O 'Bryant reveals that the colors of the dresses we choose to wear are It affects our energy and our daily mood. Even if it was the part that no one could see Like the color of panties too

You should pay attention to the selection of panties. Because each color has its own meaning.

Blue is a color that gives a feeling of calmness, expression of freedom. Clear, relieved, comfortable, safe and able to get rid of restlessness. Blue also implies healing, therapy is the color of health and body.

Navy Blue is a color that represents calmness, calmness, consistency, and thoughtfulness. And is a color that affects the mind very well. Navy Blue makes us feel calm and relaxed, So this color is also a sleep aid color.

Mint Blue is a color that comes from blending blue and green together. It has two moods: the coolness of the blue and the calmness of the green, with the Mint Blue color that helps relieve tension. And is a good encouraging color Also improves communication Increase creativity And makes sense of touch and feeling faster